Saturday, August 29, 2009

Picked up batteries. P/S pump install

Ok things are busy and I'm not in a big hurry to finish as I enjoy having a project. So after some family vacations and more repairs on my ICE cars I did get back to the electric car.

The Batteries I decided I wanted to use were Deka 9A31. Nearest dealer for them was 90 miles from my house in NC (I live in the middle of nowhere). I called them to see if I could come by and pick some up and they refered me to the dealer that "covered" my area. Well the dealer that "covered my area" was in TN and I'm in VA. So I don't see how that worked. But after some discussion they decided to let me pick them up at the closer site in NC. Thursday I took my SUV and trailer down. I had to pick up the wife and kids at the charlotte airport that direction anyway.

Well on the way down my trusty trailer, that I've had for years and towed thousands of miles, decided to start shedding parts. After being signaled by another motorist I found I'd lost a fender and had the light and licence plate were dragging on the ground. Humm... Nice. Not a good start. Everything else went fine but I wondered how the airport security felt about me rolling up with a tarped trailer to pick up my family

Progress has also been made on the hydrolic brake booster instal. It is mounted and attached to the pedal. I also mounted the MR2 powersteering pump. I think this turned out well. I mounted it right behind the headlight in an area that I couldn't user for batteries. It's also on the side so if there are spills or leaks fluid won't get on any electronics. I've ordered the fittings and lines to make some custom lines (race car style) to hook it together.

Batteries purchased from East Penn Manufacturing. High Point NC

Thursday, August 13, 2009

More hydroboost, Trying to buy batteries

Progress is slow as my ICE powered cars are taking a bit of my time. Wife's maxima is crossing the 200K mark and decided it needed some maintance and repairs. But that's another story.

I completed my adaptors to mount the Hydroboost into the car. Turned out rather well.

I've been trying to purchase some batteries. I contacted the 2 battery dealers that were shown on the main website as closest to me. Asked them for their best price on 14 batteries and that I could come pick them up. It became very obvious that they have a HUGE margin on these products as they were more concerned about undercutting their other dealers AND making sure they were getting their commissions correct then they were in actually selling the product. In the end it seems they decided that my area is actually covered by a dealer in TN which is not even close to me and I won't be driving there to get them. Especially when I will be driving right by their north carolia store multiple times this month. So unless they cut me the deal of the century I don't think I'll be buying from them. I find this whole thing really anoying and am prepared to purchase from their competitor even if it is more money. That is if the competitor has better service.

Hydro boost Part#'s purchased:
Brake fitting adapter to go from M12 to M10: Edelmann 267000 purchased from:

Hydroboost adapter fittings: purchased from Hydratech Braking Systems:
HBS-9106 O-ring to flare style port conversion inserts
HBS-2965 Aeroquip FBM 2965 AN-6 Adapter
HBS-2694 Aeroquip FBM 2964 AN-6 Adapter
HBS-9100 Hydratech 9100 Low Profile Line Hose End

High pressure hose and fittings purchased from
FBM1389 Qty 4, Reusable Steel; 90 deg. Elbow; 9/16 -18 Thread Size; -06AN Hose Size
FBG0600 -06AN Hose (5 feet)

Adapter fittings purchased from pegusus parts
Must be steel for high pressure not aluminum.
3276-004 Male 14 x 1.5mm Metric Concave Seat to 6AN Male, Steel: P/S Rack adapter
3276-005 Male 16 x 1.5mm Metric Concave Seat to 6AN Male, Steel: MR2 Pump Adapter
3278-M14 14MM Aluminum Crush Washer
3278-M16 16MM Aluminum Crush Washer