Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hydrolic brake booster

Not a ton of progress. Working on installing the hydrolic brake booster in place of the factory brake boster. The factory booster is the one with the larger dia cylinder on it (rh side on the pic on the right). The booster I am using is from a 97 Cobra mustang.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Thank you for the interest. Yes, with luck the hard part is over. We'll see how it goes from here.

I don't think I mentioned the exact batteries as I'm still a little up in the air about which ones. Right now the needle is leaning toward Deka 9A31. It's an AGM battery with 100Ah. Thinking I might as well go with 156V the max voltage for the controller and use 13 batteries. I still do not feel confident I know enough about batteries but comparing the cost and weight of some similar batteries they seem pretty good. I still worry it won't be enough Ah as seems trying to predict the exact range is difficut. Guess I'll have to make a decision soon though.

EV comes inside

With the rover out of the garage the electric car could FINALLY be brought in. Thought I'd take a couple pics of it first "drive" into the garage. I also loaded the motor and trans into the car.

Still deciding on engine and trans placement. I'll probably go with the factory placement for the transmission but I have been toying with moving it back 8". Makes for a lot of extra room in the front. The driveshaft from an automatic car is 8" shorter than the manual car and bolts up so that would be no issue. However customizing the shifter seems like a big pain. My time is probably better spent elsewhere on the car.

Other task was to remove the tank. This was actually quite easy. Remove the boot from the e-brake lever. Remove the nuts on the cables. Pull them out from under the car. Take out the three bolts holding the tank in and volia. After I had it out I found it still contained gas. I was under the impression it had been drained. So I pumped out 4 gallons of gas using the fuel pump. I weight the tank and lines and they come to 30lbs.

My wife and boy made me some cardboard mock ups of batteries. Playing with those it appears I can get 4 of them where the fuel tank was. There is gobs of room up front and in the trunk for the remainder. Just have to decide how many go in each of those spots.

Next steps:
Clean off the oil and gunk off the underside of the car.
Mount the motor and transmission
Design battery trays
Buy batteries.

Oh forgot to mention I think that I bought a hydrolic brake booster to replace the vacume booster. It'll take some customizing to get it installed in the car. I'll look into that as well. I guess I should also mention that while I was test fitting the motor in the rearward position I had loosely bolted the driveshaft to it. It was wedged up into the body and supported well so I couldn't resist and hit it with some juice and spun the tires. I'd post that video too so I could be nominated for an academy award but with the loose driveshaft it clanked quite a bit. Maybe when it's mounted correctly I'll post one

Other projects distract me

Progress was delayed a bit as my rover needed some love. Here is the sparkly clean engine after re fitting the heads and rocker arms

Of course a good helper is the key to a successful job (torquing the head bolts)