Saturday, October 18, 2008

Motor adapter redesign

Here is my flywheel adapter redesigned to use a 1610 taper-lock and Modified Taperlock sprocket. I plan to install the taper lock with the setscrews facing the motor so the clutch pressure will press the adapter on tigher instead of trying to pull it off. The other big change is since the center of the sprocket is larger dia then the pilot of the flywheel I plan to use 2 dowels to locate the flywheel on the adapter. (one is in the flywheel from the factory. I'll have to add the other). I also plan to put a bushing/spacer between the motor and taperlock so the clutch force can push the assy forward.

Anyway I have attached a 3D screen shot and a drawing of the adapter for your review
Parts below Purchased from McMaster Carr
Taper-lock Bushing- Bore Steel Sprocket # 60: 2590K83
Taper-lock Bushing, Size 1610 1-1/8 bore: 57095k164
Aluminum Plate (6061) 5/8 x 12 x12": 8975K159

I also hooked it up to my battery charger and ran it for a few min. It was nice and quiet. Quite satisfying to see/hear it spinnig. While I was at it I stood it on end and set the trans on top of it to ensure I have my dimensions correct for my adapter plate thickness. Thick enough to keep the trans input shaft from bottoming out but not too thick to have it not engage the end of the motor shaft. Looks like 1.125 thick is going to work great.

Here is a pic of my measuring set up. 2 pieces of angle bolted to the motor then some spacers (happen to be sockets in my case) of the right length.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Warp9 Arrives

Monday the Warp 9 motor arrived. Today my aluminum flywheel arrived. Parts are starting to roll in

Here is the motor as delivered infront of my V-8 powered 3 series.

Here is how it was packaged. Looked pretty safe and un harmed. Some initial inspection shows that someone at the factory ran a razer knife or something similar down the larger drive shaft like they were cutting a tag off it or something. Left a pretty good scratch but It can be buffed out.

No pic of the flywheel yet. I did some reading and decided that a taper-lock hub is probably the way to go. So I have to redesign my flywheel to motor attachment. Back to the drawing board